The 10th-Grade Shabbaton

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer 

Last Friday morning, there was a different schedual in store for the sophomores: the annual 10th Grade Shabbaton, a break from regular classes and the monotony of the school rigor. It was a time of bonding, learning and fun. With almost the entire grade participating, students set out on buses to Simi Valley, where the grounds of Camp Alonim lie.

“It was a great time to connect with friends and get to know people on a deeper level,” Jordan Rosenbloom ’15 said.

A fun horoscopes activity lead by Dr. James Lichti, history teacher

The class of 2015 had the option of attending either a traditional Shabbat service, which was led by the Beit Midrash students, or a sing along service, which was lead by Andrew Terkel ’15.

In addition to the traditional Shabbat services, the trip included interesting bonding activities such as hiking, mingling, art and games. The class council and Mr. John Perkins, science teacher, were in charge of all the activities.

“This trip was meaningful because it was a great experience on getting to know people” Julian Kay ’15 said.

The faculty consider the Shabbaton a successful bonding experience, and most of the students are already  looking forward for next year’s Shabbaton.