Milken helps the Jettes

Yasmine Novian


Gerritsen Beach, a small fisherman’s village in Brooklyn, New York and home to the Jette family, was one of the many East Coast towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

One late night this past October, the members of the Jette family found themselves swimming through their flooded house in an attempt to save photo albums, books and whatever else they could get a hold of. The hurricane left the neighborhood devastated and the Jette home in ruins. Determined to rebuild, the Jettes are now in need of support from friends and family as their insurance has refused to cover any of the damages.

Throughout November, December and January, the Milken community will strive to support the Jettes and facilitate the restoration of their lives.

“We are always looking for engaging ways to get the school involved with raising money and awareness for people in need across the country,” Sepora Makabeh ’13 said.

Yozma Global Response and Leadership and Business Ethics have collaborated to create a series of fundraisers at Milken to aid the Jettes in their fight to rebuild their lives. Events include hot chocolate sales, bake sales, elementary school overnights and a walkathon.

“I wanted to help out because as a senior, I feel like I can really make a resounding impact around campus. It is our responsibility to support families like the Jettes and it is important to get everybody excited to get involved,” Max Gains ’13 said.

Look out for ways to contribute to the Jettes on campus and click on the Help the Jettes get a new home link.