Is Netflix taking over our lives?

Jordan Yashari

Staff Writer

Ever stayed up at night watching your favorite shows before you go to sleep? Ever passed up on hanging out with your friends to see one more episode? Maybe even spent a whole day watching your favorite show? This is the Netflix epidemic.

Students everywhere have found a system better than TV: Netflix. With Netflix, students can watch their favorite shows and movies on their own schedule, and do it just about anywhere. To some this is a good thing, but it is also causing students to procrastinate due to the need to watch “just one more show.”

“When you find something enjoyable to watch, you become so attached to it, that you just can’t stop watching,” Nikoli Partiyeli ‘14 said.

Shows like “Breaking Bad,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Law and Order” and “Family Guy” are keeping us from getting our important work done.

“I started watching “Breaking Bad” over the summer, and got so hooked that I ended up watching all 5 seasons in 2 months. It came to an episode a day,” Partiyeli said.

Partiyeli was only one of many Milken students who got hooked on shows provided by Netflix. He, like many of other students, has found a way to support his addiction. Instead of taking away much needed homework and schoolwork time, he opts to stay up late. This way he can watch his favorite show, get his work done, and just miss out on an hour or two of sleep.

Although this may solve the problem for a little while, in the long run students are losing countless hours of sleep just to watch their favorite television programs. The only real solution is to find a way to do homework while watching your show on Netflix. It’s not as though you can skip out on either, so you might as well compromise and do both…