Milken students’ political opinions

Samantha Suman

Staff Writer

Did you watch it? Have you heard? Can you believe it? No, we are not talking about the premiere of our favorite TV show, we are talking about the presidential election.

Through class meetings and casual lunch discussions, Milken students’ political opinions have been present on campus for the past several months.

In the first weeks of November, students were given the opportunity to vote in Milken’s presidential election during their social science classes. Romney won with 65% of the vote, a clear contrast with the Democratic state of California. The obvious difference between Milken’s and America’s vote became a topic of conversation.

“I voted for Mitt Romney on the school ballot, though, there are few points with which I differ from him. He has the right plan to get our economy back up before it’s too late,” Liberty Fuchs ’16 said.

Emma Maier ’14 had a completely different opinion. Maier said she would have voted for Obama because both she and the President, fundamentally, have similar beliefs.

“We are a nation that celebrates our differences. Our long-term collective success, in my opinion, requires a leader that embraces these differences and works with the people for the people. I believe the leader to do so is President Obama,” Maier said.

Having different political views is just one of the elements that makes Milken as diverse as it is. With mixed views, Milken students have either begun anxiously awaiting 2016, or continue to support Obama’s next four years.

“I wasn’t upset that my candidate lost, nor appalled that so many people would vote for the opposing party, but rather, a bit nervous for the future of our country,” Fuchs said.

“I am so thankful and proud that our country re-elected President Obama. It shows that we have not regressed as a nation and that we are a progressive nation, particularly in terms of social issues,” Maier said.

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