No Shave November: A closer look

Gabe Freeman & Sam Kaplan

Co-Editor-In-Chief and Sports Editor

November is an important month at Milken for various reasons.  While Seniors are immersed in college applications, Juniors are busier then ever with their intense work load.  November is notoriously one of the most difficult months because the Jewish holidays are over, and students no longer come to school for two days a week.  However, November is most known for another holiday celebrated by Milken students, and this one does not involve eating apples and honey. No Shave November was widespread this year and the facial hair around campus was hard to miss.  Here are a few notable beards from this past month.


Ilan Chesed ’13 began growing facial hair recently, and his two week growth this November did not disappoint.  He was proud because he strives to one day look like his father who sports a nice thick, full beard.  Interestingly, his chin hairs are red.

Jonah Resnick ’13 has been one of the most consistant beard growers among seniors.  Every couple weeks students can expect to see his luscious beard growing out in its beautiful shade of redish orange.  Resnick is a true model for how to grow a full beard.


Different from his classmates, Jake Davidson ’13 strays away from the common straggly beard and chooses to grow out the goatee.  He feels like it gives him an older and more intimidating look.


The first full beard of the senior class appeared on the face of Ariel Isaacson ’13 way back in 9th grade.  His jealous classmates have coined his beard “the mamba,” as it is truly one of the best.


While Sam Walfish ’13 cannot grow facial hair like all his classmates, a chin hair appears from time to time.  Walfish hopes his progression speeds up by the time he reaches college.


I, Gabe Freeman ’13, take great pride in growing my beard to its full potential.  I vividly remember those awkward days in middle school when I was the only kid with a beard and how excited I was to get to high school where I blended in more.



One of few juniors who partook in No Shave November, Daniel Moossazadeh ’14 really impressed his classmates with this beard of two months. 


Timothy Roofian ’14 is a true hero in the minds of beard growers at Milken.  He extended no shave november to include October as well and the results are truly remarkable. Kudos to a great beard!

This November, or as some call it ‘movember,’ was a memorable month at Milken and we should pay tribute to all the beards around campus because they will probably be gone come December first.