A Young Lady of Property preview

Samantha Suman

Staff Writer

Get ready to venture into America’s very own Lone Star state! The student production of A Young Lady of Property, directed by Mr. Robert Menna, Performing Arts teacher and director, will open on November 18 in the Margolis Performing Arts Center.

Written by Horton Foote, the screenwriter of the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, the play takes place in a small town in eastern Texas. Wilma, a young girl whose mother has died and father is a recovering alcoholic, dreams of becoming a movie star in Hollywood. Her father, meanwhile, is remarrying and selling the house that was promised to Wilma by her deceased mother. What is a girl to do?

The cast of nine faces “some of the most challenging material for actors,” Menna said. “It is very intense and very challenging for actors because the characters they play have huge dreams that are being crushed, [but] are still trying to find a way to have fun, be happy, and make their dreams come true.”

Despite the challenges the actors encounter, the cast is having a great time during rehearsals.

“When you are working on something that has serious elements to it, the rehearsals get funnier and funnier, because you don’t want it to be too intense all of the time,” Menna said.

Due to the Texas setting of the play, Menna requests that everyone should, for the time being, forgive the cast members who accidentally speak with Southern accents outside of rehearsal.

“Sometimes I discover that I am teaching with an accent and need to stop,” Menna said.

Menna feels that it is important for the potential audience to know that although the characters face difficult times, the tone is still uplifting.

The play has an estimated 60 minutes running time. Tickets are now available online on Milken’s website for $10.