Yozma group receives JWW award

Gabi Kamran

Staff Writer

The Yozma group, along with several Milken teachers and administrators, accept the award from the Jewish World Watch organization. Photo courtesy Milken website.


For three days in February of 2012, Milken’s Beit Midrash was transformed into an interactive museum about the atrocities in Darfur and the Congo. The exhibit was called “From Darkness to Light: Genocide to Activism” and was built from the ground up by Yozma’s Jewish World Watch group. The museum educated Milken students and faculty about the history and current situation in Darfur and Congo. It also encouraged visitors to take action through a variety of activities, including changing their Facebook statuses and signing up for the Walk to End Genocide.

On October 31, JWW gave its first ever Award for Exemplary Student Activism at a fundraiser luncheon honoring exceptional JWW activists. The recipient was Milken’s Jewish World Watch Yozma group, who stood out from all other nominees because of their extraordinary genocide museum.

For JWW Director of Outreach Mina Rush, Milken’s Yozma group was the obvious choice for the award.

“When we started talking about this award and determining who would be the student that we would honor for this year, it was not even a question,” Rush said, “ It wasn’t that student, it was those students. Year after year, you guys just keep surpassing your efforts. We’re so proud of what you’ve done.”

Upon the presentation of the award, Yozma JWW Co-Chairs Shachar Astor ’13, Deeba Danesh ’14 and Daniella Wenger ’14 each said a few words to thank the organization. They also elaborated on the group’s past efforts to combat genocide and its plans for future projects.

Present at the luncheon were Interim Head of School Dr. Rennie Wrubel, Upper School Principal Dr. Roger Fuller and Yozma Director Carolyn Camras.

“Milken has had a long and productive relationship with Jewish World Watch,” Fuller said, “I am very proud of the program and the adults and students who donate so much time to the organization.”

The luncheon was held at the home of Jewish World Watch board member Diane Kabat and was attended by about 200 guest.