Spotlight Actress: Liberty Fuchs ’16

Natallie Mashian

Staff Writer

Becoming another person has always been Liberty Fuchs’ 16’ favorite part of acting.

Fuchs, a freshman, will be starring as Wilma Arabella, the lead in this year’s school play, A Young Lady of Property, directed by Robert Menna, Performing Arts teacher. Not only is Fuchs an actress, but she is also an aspiring author.

Several summers ago, Fuchs attended a program where she was able to engage in both acting and script-writing, allowing her to incorporate the best of both worlds.

“I love acting, but I want to be an author”, said Fuchs, who has recently finished the first draft of her first novel.

Fuchs says that the biggest part of both writing and acting is being able to connect with the characters and knowing every detail about them.

“I really enjoyed being able to find someone else inside me,” said Fuchs.

Liberty Fuchs '16 will be staring as the lead in this year's school play.

Ever since Menna showed his students slides of the play’s setting, Fuchs has been trying to connect with her character and her background. The character she plays is a young lady who’s trying to hold on to her past yet move on to a future of becoming an actress in Hollywood.

“We have to talk like this the whole time” she said with a southern accent, “it’s an addictive accent.”

Relating to the character came easy to Fuchs, both her and her character have gone through hardships in their lives. Yet they are able to easily brush them off and try to find things that make them happy rather than complain about life.