Michael Reisman: The future of Milken Football

Jordan Yashari

Staff Writer

Michael Reisman '16 first freshman to make varsity.

Michael Reisman ‘16 is the first freshman to ever play on the varsity football team. Having always been an athlete, Reisman played both baseball and basketball in elementary school, and his athletic potential caused his coaches to push him to try out for football.

“I’m really happy I decided to try out, it may have been one of the best decisions I have ever made”, says Reisman.

After a couple of years of playing flag football, Reisman went to a tackle football training camp over the summer which helped him make the varsity team this year. On the varsity football team, Reisman not only starts as the Defensive End, but he also plays the backup Fullback, and is undoubtedly a future Milken football standout. However, its not as easy as it sounds and it took a lot of dedication and work to get to where he is today.

“I practice as much as possible, most weeks it’s 6 days a week,” says Reisman, “I feel I’m in the best position I can be in”.

Not only does he practice 6 days a week, but his relationship with his teammates has helped propel the team into the playoffs.

“There isn’t anyone else that I would rather play with. These guys are like my brothers, and the coaches are fantastic,” said Reisman.

When discussing his future, Reisman said he would love to play football after high school, but it would take a lot of hard work to get there: a challenge he seems to be up to.