Tiferet update: 2013

Samantha Suman

Staff Writer

This year, the Tiferet program will accept up to 65 applicants as well as offer 15 community service hours and two P.E. credits.

Originally, with only 50 spots available, students like Nicole Nourian ‘15 described the application process as “stressful.” With an increase in private donations made to the program, Rabbi Liat Yardeni-Funk, Director of Israel programs, is happy to accept more students, though she still wishes that everyone could go.

“That is what saddens me, that we can’t take everyone to Israel,” Yardeni-Funk said.

This increase in community service hours is due to an increased amount of service learning opportunities, including feeding the homeless, visiting the sick, helping the elderly, creating community gardens and recycling.

Participants will also earn two P.E. credits because of a recalculation of the hours spent cycling, jogging, swimming, hiking, walking, and climbing.

“It was only fair to give credit where credit is due,” Yardeni-Funk said.

In accordance to that philosophy, last year’s students will also receive the same credits and hours as the students from this year.

 Featured image from milkenschool.org.