Spirit Squad and Dance Team: We can all just get along

Ivy Schneider

Staff Writer 

Spirit Squad or Dance Team? No need for rivalry! Why not both? Milken now has two dance-related teams to be proud of, but what is the true difference between them?

The distinction between the two is that the Spirit Squad is an athletics team that cheers for other sports teams at Milken. The Dance Team performs for the school.

The Spirit Squad’s goal at Milken is to encourage the community to be involved and present during school games and events. They are a part of the Athletic Department as a varsity sports team, coached by Shashana Rosen ‘11 and Shai Rosen ‘09. The members of the team are able to receive P.E. credits by making the commitment to attend every practice and performance. Throughout the year, the Spirit Squad will be going to games where cheerleading is allowed by CIF to support Milken.

Spirit Squad cheers for the football team at homecoming. Photo courtesy of the Milken Students Facebook page.

“For years, we heard the excuse that because we are a Jewish Day School we could not be good at sports and we would never have all of the traditions of normal American high schools,” said Jason Kelly, Head of Athletics.

However, after the creation of a football team and Spirit Squad, Milken is now filled with school spirit and pride. As of now, the Spirit Squad is going over their second round of auditions and creating new routines to perform for the school.

Though the Dance Team may have gotten a late start, they are going to come back strong as ever, with new routines, members, and coach, Andrew Rincon.

The new team recently held auditions at Annisa’s School of Dance in Sherman Oaks and are practicing three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. However, unlike last year, they will not be participating in competitions. They will be focusing more on performing for the school during town meetings and possibly in a recital at the end of the year.

Dance team poses for a picture at a competition last year. Photo courtesy of the Milken Students Facebook page.

Serena Wolman ’15, member of the varsity Dance Team last year, took the opportunity to try out for both teams, wanting to see all that Milken had to offer for a dancer.

“I really loved being on Spirit Squad this year and getting to know the team,” said Wolman.

“It gave me an opportunity to see a different type of dance style, which I had been looking for. However, as a dancer, I felt more connected to the Dance Team on a personal level. I had amazing experiences on both and know each team will be successful.”

The two teams are great additions to Milken, and we cannot wait to see their growth throughout the school year.