The Blaze radio station reborn with Jake Fishman ’11

The Blaze might not ring a bell to the average Milken student. While everyone hears The Blaze twice a week, to most kids this unique Milken radio station is nothing more than some music played during lunch.  However, what might seem like a simple operation involving an iPod and speakers requires hard work and much thought.

The radio station is currently run by Jake Fishman ’11.  With the help of Mr. Scott Perloff, Director of Education Technology, and Mr. Max Tash, Technology teacher, Fishman has been able to create an independent study in which he runs the radio station, creates playlists, and mixes music.  The sole operator of The Blaze, he is content with the direction of the radio station, but he feels there is much more room for growth.

The music is typically heard on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the amphitheater. However, Fishman hopes to soon broadcast the station across the school.  Also, perhaps sometime in the future, a class can be made out of his idea to teach students how to produce a radio station.

“I have a strong passion for music,” Fishman said. “I like to discover new music and share it with my friends.”

Fishman hopes to pursue radio broadcasting in college, as he foresees a future in music.

While most of the time Fishman DJ’s live from the broadcast studio, he has recently been working on pre-recording sets, so he can enjoy the music with his friends.

As he is a senior, and the only person running the radio station, he has been talking to Greg Hershler ’12 about perhaps taking over The Blaze next year. 

His apprentice, Hershler, says, “He is my role model this year, and I am going take everything I get from him and hopefully next year I’ll continue this legacy.”

Fishman is dedicated to his passion as he hopes to create an exciting and fun radio station that plays music for kids during lunch, and ultimately add to the campus atmosphere.  He has made it possible for all students to check out the music he plays on the station at his blog

What started out for Fishman as pursuing what he loves is slowly evolving into something that could be a huge part of Milken.  While the radio station is not yet well known across campus, the full potential for Fishman and his station has yet to be reached.

Jake’s Radio Set 1 – Check out Jake’s first broadcast of the year.

Jake Fishman
Tunes: Jake Fishman '11 at work in the studio. Photo by Gabe Freeman.