Movie Review: Argo

Zachary Brenner

Life Editor

Rated R: For strong language and some disturbing images.

To anyone who is disappointed with the recent box office hits, I have two words for you regarding ‘Argo’: must see.

Argo’, directed by Ben Affleck who also directed the 2010 Oscar nominated movie, ‘The Town’, took on a challenge when directing this film.  Argo looks back to a time of crisis in 1980, when six Americans escaped from being held captive in the United States Embassy in Iran.

The film follows a risky mission attempting to rescue the six escapees who are stuck in a home of a member of the Canadian Embassy.  The plan is to affiliate the six escapees with a fake movie, which will allow outside aid to enter Iran and hopefully guide the escapees to freedom.

Ben Affleck, who also stars in the film, captures the situation’s dramatic and suspenseful atmosphere almost spot on.  What pleased me most about Argo was the integrity of the situation.  Although Hollywood is known for exaggerating events, and even if there was a tad of dramatization in this film, Affleck accurately portrayed the situation in Iran.

Throughout the film, I had to keep reassuring myself that I was living in the 21st century, and not as one of the anxious American citizens in 1980.

This movie could not have been as enthralling without the acting.  Acclaimed actors Alan Arkin and John Goodman play Hollywood veterans who agree to this risky mission by putting the fake film into production.  They supply the comic relief of the film, which was very necessary amidst the intense scenes capturing the violent streets of Iran.

The six actors, whose characters are attempting to get out of Iran, performed so superbly that I genuinely feared for their lives.  Usually, as an aspiring director, I try not to get too engrossed in a film– but I could not help myself this time.

The stakes were high, and the pressure increased in every scene.  Viewing Argo was not an easy ride; my heart was racing until the end of the film.

My advice is: go experience it for yourself. Look out Mr. Affleck; you may have another Oscar under your belt.

Grade: A