Peter Walker extends his expertise beyond Milken

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer 

Peter Walker’s passion for drawing will come to life as his skills will be displayed at Linus Gallery, a Pasadena art exhibit starting October 19.

Walker is one of the fortunate few who has been able to take his passion and turn it into a career. As an educator, Walker brings to Milken the traditional formal teachings of the visual arts blended with the practicality of the real world.  He encourages each student to tap into his or her creativity and create a work that tells a story. Meanwhile, he continues to create his own original works and shares with others who eagerly await his next creation.

While attending Brigham Young University as an undergraduate, Walker stood out to his professors and so they pushed him to search deep within himself in order to reach his true potential. In fact, some of his professors had such great faith in Walker that they allowed him to take their courses independently so that he would be able to continue his art career.  Walker graduated from the Visual Arts program at Brigham Young University cum laude and with University Honors distinction.  He later earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute.

This summer, Walker brought his art to life with realistic pencil portraits.

“Different work speaks to me at different points in my life” Walker said.

Right now, Walker’s favorite work of art is his own ‘Manhattan Project’ as it “possesses great realistic qualities of a dollar bill while defining Manhattan’s landscape.” Walker’s Manhattan Project is a three-dimensional oil painting on wood that blends both sculpture and paint.

William Kentridge, a well known South African artist, inspires Peter to think differently.

“William’s art experiments with different material, in an innovative, technical, inspiring way”, says Walker.

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