Milken government students’ site explains the election issues

Alexandra Peris

Contributing Writer

This website was produced under the guidance of Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Whiting and Mr. Sackett. Mr. Lawrence’s government classes researched the material contained in the website.

Our ultimate goal is to provide students with an educational bipartisan tool that allows both students and adults to compare the views of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on pressing issues regarding this year’s election. The website further contains biographical information of the candidate and links to other web sites of interest. These include televised debates and convention acceptance speeches.

In addition, there is a portion of the website dedicated to the various California propositions, revealing the pros and cons of each measure. Soon, students will be able to voice their opinions on the candidates’ views and the election in the “Letters to the Editor” section of this site.

We urge students to use this resource widely and give it the respect it deserves. We hope that you find this source to be an interesting and helpful guide to this year’s election.

Click on the image below to access Milken Election Central.

Click here to go to Milken Election Central.
Featured image from the Associated Press.