November Teacher Q+A – Mr. Limkrailassiri

Mr. Kvit Limkrailassiri

The Q+A – one student, one teacher, each month. This month we sat down with AP Calculus teacher Mr. Kvit Limkrailassiri.

Common misconception about teachers:

There’s a GPS locator app on the iPhone for every faculty member on campus pinpointing our exact location at any moment, except it doesn’t work in a concrete jungle.

Most creative gift given or received:

Given to my students, the power to think independently for yourself, or make others smile.

Movie you’ve seen the most:

Star Wars and Space Balls—May the Schwartz be with you!

Book you’ve read most:

Any books on value investing, especially on Ben Graham and Warren Buffett.

Fictional character you identify with:

Cool Hand Luke.

Obsolete item you won’t trash:

My “Paper Gradebook.”  Anything durable that takes a lick’in and keeps on tick’in.

What you wanted to be at age 10:

Rocket car designer, space camp cadet.  I wanted to go to Space Camp in Florida when I was little, roughly after the Challenger Disaster.  During middle school I had a desire to attend the Pasadena College of Art and Design to sketch and build clay automobile models.

Student pet peeve:

For the love of milk and honey, I’m neither Mr. Patrick Lindsay nor Mr. Watanabe!  LOL.

Procrastination technique:

Have my Multivariable calculus students grade/teach my AP classes, I just wish.

Imagine teaching in your dreams through inception!

Secret hobby:

It wouldn’t be a secret any longer would it? ; )

Welcoming new teachers and veteran teachers.

Favorite historical figure:

Harry Truman, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Grandpa Sonny Ahad.

Favorite piece of art in your home/anywhere:

A hand-drawn hyperbolic parabolic or saddle in 3-space.

Movie star you always wanted to be:

I’m Jackie Chan, Lybroan is Chris Tucker, and together we’re Rush Hour 5! lol.

4 is an unlucky Chinese number.

Favorite gadget:

A device to turn off all gadgets—muhahaha!

Topic you love but won’t discuss at a party:

What rhymes with Ralrulus?

The last meal you had:

It was Dericious!  Eggplant and rice.

Funniest English word:

Onomatopoeia, I hope for this word to be asked at a Scripps Spelling Bee someday.

Most memorable teaching experience:

While in the middle of teaching, I was interrupted and asked if I could give up my classroom, particularly the Smartboard, to another teacher. Beep Beep!

One time I was asked by a student “Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Watanabe! Is Monday a blackout day?”  Oh boy, and it was a senior!

Most-visited website, why:

Favorite canceled-too-soon TV show:

Late Show with Conan?

Most beloved/interesting item at your office desk:

All the interesting, warm people in my office.

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