New Oneg program energizes campus

Natallie Mashian

Staff Writer

Say goodbye to the Oneg you knew. With a vision and goal similar to the old Oneg, a group of faculty and administrators wanted to create a valued and driven experience that is largely about community building. Now students will show up together, say hamotzi and create a culture of honoring and recognizing student leaders.

One of the main changes in the new Oneg is acknowledging students who have stood out or excelled in one of their classes. The changes have been made in the hopes of creating a time for the community to talk to each other without using laptops and to learn something new.

“What we have is a group of people who are really driven by a vision and want to make that vision reality,” Ms. Jessie Mallor, Jewish Studies teacher, said.

Students interested in debate can look forward to a debate activity that will be held during a future Oneg. The debate team will be presenting an activity where they and other students can take on different issues going on in both Israel and America. Other clubs and class councils are also encouraged to come up with new activities.

Not only will faculty and administration be able to work on the new Oneg, but Mallor is also looking for student involvement and leadership groups to be drawn in. Jewish life students have already planned an Oneg and they’ll be taking on activities later in the year.

“As we go forward we will be trying a lot of different things as well, and we are definitely open to suggestions,” Mallor said.

Featured image courtesy of Elda Dagan