October Spotlight Artist: Gina Canter

Leah Kuperman

Staff Writer

Gina Canter ’13 has had a passion for visual arts since Kindergarten.

“ [I sat in my room] seeing things and wanting to recreate them on paper,” Canter said.

Nowadays, Canter finds inspiration in the people around her. She mainly draws her friends and people close to her, using ink and mainly Sharpies.

Canter finds that Sharpies help her “attain realism” while allowing room for creativity. Due to the permanence of Sharpie ink, she has learned how to use her mistakes to enhance her art. She has also learned to expand her creativity.

“Milken has taught me to be very loose with everything I do,” Canter said.

In addition to her artistic education at Milken, Canter attended the Chicago Institute of Art over the summer, where she studied figure drawing. After graduating from Milken, Canter plans to major in art and design in college. However, she is unsure if she wants to pursue visual arts as a career.

Canter’s art will be displayed in the library until November 6.

Click here for more of Gina Canter's work.