October Student Q+A: Jeremy Mintz


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The Q+A- two students, two faculty members, each month. This month we sat down with senior Jeremy Mintz.

Conducted by Yasmine Novian


Common misconception about me:  That I’m permanently not allowed in the library. It’s just a temporary suspension…

Most creative gift given or received: My mother takes my car away north of 3 times a week (usually for not waking up on time for school), so I consider it a gift when she gives me my keys back.

Movie you’ve seen the most:  Any one of the Kuni Lemel movies. Classics. I recommend all of them.

Book you’ve read the most:  The Book of Psalms and the Red Tent. And in a close third is Naked Economics.

 One thing you can’t live without:  Will Zuckerman.

 What you wanted to be at age 10:  Dr. Fuller. Or a pro baseball player.

 Favorite gadget:  Aside from the obvious answer, my iphone, it is probably my TI 89 calculator. That thing is such a beast at crunching numbers.

 Teacher pet peeve:  Assigning work that they wouldn’t be able to do themselves under the circumstances that we are in. They say they understand that we have other work, college apps, SAT’s, and tons of other activities going on, but really, I don’t know if they do. However, a select few are very understanding of this. Shout out to Mr. Raup and Mr. Holton!!!!! Oh and also, marking us tardy when we are one minute late! And of course, those unnecessary, clearly hate-filled DPU’s.

Student pet peeve: Not sharing study guides and over achievers

Procrastination technique:  The usual: ESPN, facebook, tv, senior sermon

Hobby:  Sports, poker, Torah study.

 Favorite thing about being a senior:  Being able to leave early without the front office interrogating me.

Movie star you wish you could take to prom:  Minka Kelly or Skyler Gisondo. 

Topic you love but wouldn’t talk about in a college interview:  How no matter what college I go to, I will still root for Texas over that school, or any other school in the nation.

Favorite classes you’ve taken at Milken:  Men’s health with Ms. Monte in 9th grade. Post Modern City English with Mr. Savage. 12th grade English with Mr. Savage as well. And Race Class and Gender with Holton. And I guess library isn’t a class, but it’s always enjoyable.

Funniest Hebrew word: Hatikvah.

Most memorable learning experience:  Last year I had the privilege of going to New Orleans to rebuild some buildings in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which still haunts the city several years later. It was during Tiyulim week with Ms. Ordower and 7 other students. It was amazing.

Most purchased item in Student Store: Milken sweatpants.

Favorite Milken Trends: BMW’s, Jews free styling, being out of dress code, and speeding in the parking lot.

Most beloved or interesting item in your school bag: Coby Cohen. No idea how he fits.

Who do you sit with at lunch?: Since I have free periods the last 2 periods on both days, I get to leave school at 11:40. So, I sit with my mom at lunch.