Welcome home, Mrs. Jasper!

Jodi Marcus

Staff Writer 


Back to roam the halls, Mrs. Stacey Jasper ’03 is having a homecoming of sorts as she returns to Milken as a history teacher. Now joining the ranks of other alumni at Milken, Jasper credits her past teachers with inspiring her to become an educator herself. “Ms. Flier really inspired me through her hand- on teaching style. I learned what it means to be a critical thinker from Mr. Lawrence. That is where my love of learning and history came alive,” Jasper said.

Graduating from George Washington University, Jasper majored in Middle Eastern studies, History and Jewish studies. Although this is her first year teaching at Milken, Jasper taught at SSW for two years where she “built a good basis for being in a classroom and working with parents.” She always dreamed of working in high school though. “I love being able to have an adult conversation with my students. I learn as much from them as I hope they do from me. High Schoolers aren’t given enough credit.”

Also the Mock Trial coach, Jasper claims that she is “always ready to take on a challenge.”

A self-proclaimed “scaredy cat,” Jasper considers zip-lining in Costa Rica and Thailand to be “the craziest thing [she] has ever done.” She demonstrates a love of pop culture as she quotes the movie “Clueless” and expresses her love for Taylor Swift. “My husband made fun of me when he walked in on me singing ‘Call Me Maybe’ in to my toothbrush. He says my students are rubbing off on me too much.”

Jasper loves walking around Milken every day and reminiscing about her memories from high school. “At lunch my class would sit together in huge clumps. It reminds me of what a warm community it was and still is.”  Proud of her Wildcat roots; Jasper concludes, “Milken has made me who I am today. I am proud to be back.”