Top 10 iPhone apps for the Milken student

Jordan Yashari

Staff Writer

What iPhone apps are really essential for the Milken student?

Here’s a list and ranking of apps that combine school, fun and practicality. 

#1 FirstClass


Want  to check your school email without having to take out your laptop? That is what the FirstClass app is for. The app saves your password, so you can immediately reply, send, and forward emails. It’s a portable and easy way to check the MyClasses folder, look up documents, and much more. (FREE)


#2 iProcrastinate


Do you feel as though you can never get your work done? iProcrastinate helps you keep track of all the work due for all your classes, and more. It will notify you when something is due, and helps you stay on track with your work. You can divide your work by classes, importance, and when it’s due. When it comes to keeping track of your work, iProcrastinate is probably one of the best apps there. ($.99)


#3 iCram


Just like iProcrastinate substitutes the paper planner, iCram replaces paper flashcards. The app saves flashcards that you plug in, then modifies the information to create quiz questions for you. It is a great studying tool, and can store multiple sets of flashcards without the traditional mess and waste of paper. ($2.99)


#4 Facebook


Want to keep track of what’s going on in your friends lives? Facebook is the perfect way to not keep track of your friends, but do so on the go. No matter where you are, as long as you have reception, you can make status updates, post pictures, send messages, and check events. It is the best app of it’s kind, and when most people have a facebook account, this app can be very useful. (FREE)

#5 WolframAlpha


Ever had trouble solving a math problem? That is exactly why there is WolframAlpha. It’s a Milken math students best friend, because not only does this app give you the solution to any math problem that you type in,  it also gives you every step necessary to get to that answer. We’re not encouraging you to copy the problems step by step, but recommend this app as a tool to help you solve the problems without calling ten friends! ($1.99)


#6 Spotify


We all have that “moment” of recognizing a song but being unable to remember the title. Those moments are exactly what spotify is for;  you can type in any album, song or artist, and instantly listen to that music. Next time DJ Narc plays a song you need to know, all you have to do is pull out your phone, click “search”and find your song. (FREE)


#7 Grades 2


When report cards loom near, the question, “what do I need to raise my grade in the class to an A?” is on many Milken minds. That is what Grades 2 is for. If you plug in what you get on tests and assignments, Grades 2 will tell you what  grade you need to receive on your next assignment to keep your average. The app can track different classes, and can also keep track of your test schedule. (FREE)


#8 Google Translate


Having trouble figuring out a Hebrew or Chinese prompt? With this app, you can either type or speak the word or phrase you want to translate, and you will instantly have a definition. WARNING: Language teachers claim that they can tell when a student uses Google Translate to draft an assignment. (FREE)


#9 G-Park


Though this usually isn’t an issue at the Skirball lot, many of us forget where we’ve parked our cars. Simply drop the tracking pin when you park your car, and no matter where you go, this app will take you back to exactly where you started. ($.99)


#10 Subway Surfers


There are always times when you just want something to keep your hands busy. Subway Runner is a simple game that involves swiping with your thumbs to move a character around subway tracks. The goal is to collect coins and get as far as possible without getting caught by the subway police. It is a great mindless game to play when you just need to pass some time, but be warned of how addictive it can be! (FREE)