One on One with the President and Vice President

Gabe Freeman


First of all, congratulations on being elected to the Milken student government!  As you two are the leaders of our school, we want to get to know you personally and also learn about your vision for the this school year.  Can you explain a little bit about the process of getting elected and what that meant to you guys?

Jonah: We both ran for our positions against great competition.  The process was very nerve-wracking and stressful, especially for me because I ran against one of my good friends.

Brian: I agree, but it was really fantastic to win knowing that the student body trusts us with enhancing their high school experience.

When did you guys begin working and what have you been working on this year?
We started working at the end of last year, and after taking a summer recess, we commenced our planning a week before the school year started.  Our first big project was Homecoming, and with that in the bag, we are moving on to our Fall Ball (October 20th).
…Which is also my birthday.

What do you guys like most about each other?
Jonah: Brain can grow a full beard in 23 minutes.
I love playing with Jonah’s stretchy skin.

What do you guys hate most about each other?
Jonah: Sometimes Brian sleep talks.
I’m jealous of his ability to have two eyebrows.

This question is to Jonah: You are obviously a part of a legacy of presidents here at Milken, as both your older brothers were also presidents.  How does this influence your presidency, and what does it mean to you to keep the tradition in the family?
I look up to my siblings, as they are my biggest role models and it would be foolish of me to say that I don’t aspire to be like them.  I do not pursue identical goals as they do, rather I am impressed with their ability to make their own success.  I too aim to be a leader, and I challenge myself with the responsibilities of being the Student Body president.  I do this, not as a tradition, but as a personal goal where I see potential to have a positive effect on our school.

What is your favorite food to eat?
Jonah: Ghorme-sabsi.
Vicki’s Lunchbox, Wednesdays.

How do you spend your weekends?  What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Jonah: Saving lives and playing Badminton.
I enjoy English breakfasts and playing light saber with Tido.

What is the strongest element of Milken? What needs some work?
Jonah: Our school doesn’t get excited about Milken things: sports teams, academic accomplishments, etc.
However, Milken students love to have a good time.

Who is your clique that you sit with at lunch?
Jonah: Dr. Shamsi Katebi.
I’m kind of a one-man wolf pack.

What do you want the student body to know about you as a person to help them understand how you will lead us?
Jonah: I’m like a tuxedo shirt because I’m formal, but I like to party.
Jonah and I are dedicated to making this a great year.  We are very friendly and approachable, as well as receptive to comments and ideas.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the Milken Community.
Jonah: I look forward to a fantastic year, stay sharp, generous, and kind!
This is a house of learned doctors.

Jonah and Brian smile for a photo. Image by Gabe Freeman.