Ms. Lemlein becomes Director of Admissions

Justin Kroll

News Editor

An avid movie enthusiast, athlete, animal lover, and a former Nordstrom employee all describe Milken’s new Director of Admissions, Ms. Patti Lemlein.

“Being a part of a school community is fun,” Lemlein said. “Being around students and teachers and that culture is something I love. And that’s very fulfilling.”

Though she was born and raised in Washington, just north of Seattle, Lemlein has spent considerable time working in California and Colorado. She has worked at four independent schools over the past 15 years, including six years at Sinai Akiba.

She loves hiking, biking, skiing, and she practices yoga, which she says is great for distressing. Lemlein also loves movies, and since her husband is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, she gets to watch a lot of them.

“Every year from October to the end of January, we watch somewhere between 60 and 70 movies,” Lemlein said.

Lemlein tries to travel whenever possible. Most of her recent vacations have been to see her two children, one studying at the University of Colorado’s business school, and one working for the Food Network in New York. She’s been to Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii, which remains her all time favorite.

Ms. Lemlein is Milken's new Director of Admissions