Aloha to Mr. Drobnick!

Jodi Marcus

Staff Writer

With beach terms like “epic,” “bro,” and “gnarly” occasionally slipping out, Mr. Drobnick is clearly a surfer at heart. Although he has yet to catch waves with Milken’s resident ‘surfer dude’ Mr. Lieb, Drobnick can be found surfing with fellow new teacher, Mr. Painter his colleague from his last teaching job at Archer. After caring for his newborn for two years, Mr. Drobnick is back on the job returning to a profession he has held for eight years.

Growing up in the Monterey area, Mr. Drobnick is a California native. “I was raised on the beach and grew up surrounded by surfing,” he reminisced. “When I was little, I used to sit and play with my trucks while my dad was out in the water. All of the surfers would hang out by the bonfire and watch each other’s kids. Everyone there was ohana (family).”

Very close with his own family, who “sacrificed a lot to pay for [his] private school education,” Drobnick was thrilled to receive a full scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University of O’ahu for cross country.

When asked if he would want to coach track at Milken, he responded, “This is my first year not being a coach. I can’t this year because of my son. However, a surfing team is definitely something I want to work on.” While this endeavor would be hard to pull off logistically, Drobnick believes giving kids an opportunity to surf would be a worthwhile cause. In the mean time, he gets to spread knowledge of his second passion: math. “Math was my favorite subject in school and something I wanted to excel in. I want to pass down those critical thinking skills to my students.”