Say Hello to Mr. Lin

Photo courtesy of Jerry Lin

Zachary Brenner

Life Editor

Born in Torrance and raised in San Marino, Mr. Jerry Lin teaches Advanced Computer Programming part time here at Milken. He also spends a lot of time at the University of Southern California (USC), taking classes, researching artificial intelligence, and teaching.

Lin has a surprisingly strong passion for music photography – photographing musicians as they perform.

Lin was looking for a hobby while finishing his PhD at USC when he stumbled upon music photography. Now he often travels with musicians when they go on tour.

“I am actually well known as a music photographer…I picked it up five years ago, and ended up getting really serious about it two years ago,” Lin said.

While his interest in photography was not always clear, his passion for computers has always been something Lin carried with him.

“I was always playing around with computers.  It is something I am really passionate about,” Lin said.