Are you ready for Homecoming 2012?

Joel Seligman

Staff Writer

Milken, the time has come to get pumped! Last year’s homecoming was great. It featured a fantastic game, over 500 people all having a blast and a group of painted chests. If that was last year, imagine how awesome this year will be!

This year, there is going to be an even bigger amount of energy. The hope is that attendance will double. With the possibility of almost 1,000 people crowding into Birmingham for the game, the excitement is really high.

Samantha Robbins, Director of Campus Events and Faculty Advisor to Student Government, has been working before the start of the school year to prepare for the event.

“There is a real buzz on campus surrounding Homecoming,” Robbins said. “The student body seems to be excited for another great event, building off the momentum of last year’s game. I think that the success the team has had on the field this year helps the school spirit on campus. This year we will also have a lot of new features at Homecoming such as the Spirit Squad, Fight Song and games. Student Government, the athletic department and the parent committee have worked hard to make this a real community event.”

Milken is coming into the game on a hot streak. Since the homecoming last year, Milken is 4-1 and is undefeated so far this year. The defense has been fun to watch, with some really big hits from Harris Girroco ’13 and Slater Girroco ’15.

Against Lighthouse last week, Slater made a tackle near the sideline by picking up the ball carrier and then slamming him to the ground. Two quarters earlier, Harris destroyed the running back who was going for a fumble.

Along with the defense, the offense has been electric. Milken’s first halves have been fantastic. They have scored 58 points in the first halves of their last two games. A big part of this offense is Gabe Freeman ’13, who scored four touchdowns before being taken out by Coach Greg Weiss to prevent an injury.