Milken Football 2012 Preview

Sam Kaplan

Sports Editor 

Even though theyʼre just kicking off their second season, the Milken football team has high expectations. With a year under their belt, Head Coach Greg Weiss and his players believe they have a team that can accomplish something truly special. The goal is to make the playoffs and see how far they can get, a feat seemingly unheard of for a second year program to do.

With a few returning players and a number of first-year seniors, the football team hopes they can have a strong and memorable season. Led by Quarterback Jason Welsh ʼ13 and halfback Gabe Freeman ʼ13, the Wildcat offense will be sure to put up a lot of points.

“Our offense has so much potential this year. It will be tough for defenses to guard us because we have so many different threats. Jason has done such a good job leading us thus far, and Iʼm excited to see what we can do this year,” said Freeman.

However, one major area of concern last year was defense, something the team hopes to improve upon this season. Last season was full of missed tackles and giving up points in a hurry. This summer, many of the players on this yearʼs team went to a defensive tackling camp just outside of San Francisco, with the hope to learn how to become better defensive players.

“Last year defense was tough for us. This year defense will definitely be improved as we have been working really hard in practice,” said Freeman.

The Wildcats first home game is at Birmingham High School and will take place Thursday September 13th.

Featured image by Jason Kelly