Freshmen look back at their first year at Milken

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

Fall 2011. We walked up the steep Skirball steps in late August for the first time. What freshman wasn’t excited, nervous, and upset all at once?  Mrs. Landau welcomed everyone with a huge warm smile, and everyone was anticipating the new school year. We did not know, however, what was in store for us.  Despite the challenges, we freshmen had an extraordinary year.

Many Freshmen were very nervous this year coming to a new school and not knowing anyone. Not everyone transitioned easily from Saperstein Middle School. Many freshmen, nervous as can be, filled the halls trying to find where to go and where to meet new people.

“I was very nervous but excited to start the year. I was nervous how classes would go and about making new friends. It all eventually settled out and I was so happy to meet everyone,” Sanam Kohanim ’15 said about those first days. The stress levels settled down as everyone mingled throughout the first hours of school. Most everyone was able to find a familiar face in no time at all, and it made for the start of one of the best years ever.

As the year progressed we settled in to enjoy the new classes. Many freshmen struggled with chemistry, but overall enjoyed their classes.

“In the beginning it was difficult, but it became easier after a bit of familiarity and a whole lot of studying. I think everyone got used to the new system once it was applied,” said Shani Erdman ’15.

The Colorado River trip was well into the school year at a time when bonds in the freshman class were already established. It made for a great adventure and  increased closeness as the group travelled together. “That was the best trip ever besides the mosquito bites,” said Maya Mashiach ’15.  Although everyone hated the bug bites, they enjoyed spending time with their new lifelong friends. The Colorado River trip was a great way to bond with everyone and get to better know each other.

As everyone starts the summer and leaves finals behind, we can all celebrate a great year together! “I had a great 9th-grade year and I’m going to miss my classes. It will be different next year because I plan on going on Tiferet but hope to remain great friends with everyone,” said Sanam Kohanim ’15.

Most can’t help but think of next year, the classes ahead and a new beginning as sophomores.