2011-2012 Milken Top 10: Number 8 – Occupation on the Gridiron

Jake Davidson and Gabe Freeman


The Countdown:

Number 10: Food Wars

Number 9: The Voice

Topic: Occupation On The Gridiron 

For Number 8, we examine the triumphs of the senior class in addition to the epic failure of Milken’s first ever 8-man football game.

Early in this school year, the Occupy movement gripped our nation. Its outlandish rhetoric and indolent tendencies even inspired a movement at Milken, even if it was done in jest. The Milken seniors ripped a page out of the Occupy playbook in their attempts to inspire change within the library. November marked the first attack on the libraries governing structure in one of the cooler moments this year, Milken seniors took control of the library, bringing in sleeping bags and a megaphone. Mr. Kates tried to quell the storm with his frenetic shushing, while Mr. Tyler never failed to lose his game face.   While the seniors’ attempt proved futile, it truly was a moment that will be remembered. In lieu of a senior prank, the occupation of the library will go down as one of the great moments from the class of 2012.

It pains us to recall the miserable defeat suffered on that scorching day in the beginning of September.  We would love to expunge the memory of those couple hours on the gridiron because the Milken Football team played its first ever 8-man tackle football game and was utterly annihilated.  The final score was 56-6, a big blow to the Wildcats.  To be fair, Faith Baptist is a perennial power house with more than a few state championships under their belt and the undermatched Wildcats had never played in an 8-man game before.  This David vs. Goliath matchup would not amount to an upset worthy of an ESPN exclusive, and ended more on the embarrassing side for the team.  This not top Milken moment, however, proved an inspiration for the boys, as they turned their season around. They went on to have a magnificent homecoming performance the following week, and they managed to win 2 games in their inaugural season.  Lead by quarterback Charlie Heller ’12, Milken tackle football team has nothing to be ashamed of as they set the foundation for an excellent football program to grow and develop in years to come.