Milken’s minds turn to summer plans

Rachel Kaye

Staff Writer

Summer is approaching quickly and we all feel it around campus. With the rising temperatures, students’ change in attire (shorts and lax t- shirts), and finals approaching, Milken students are waiting for their break to begin.

Some students are excited about their travel plans they made months ago:

“I am going to be in Israel for two months where I’m going to be with all my friends, who I haven’t seen for a year. I’m excited to hang out on the beach, go to concerts, and just catch up with everyone”, Amit Miron 13′ said.

Other students are thrilled to attend out- of- state summer programs in their field of interest. Interlochen, a summer music camp located in Michigan is a prestigious program that offers students the chance to enrich their summer with music, take lessons from distinguished musicians, and form ensembles with quality musicians their own age.

“I’ll be at the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp in Michigan for six weeks, in a classical voice program that focuses on opera and choral music. In Los Angeles you don’t really find that many opportunities to study classical voice and this is such an amazing opportunity to really focus on something that I am so passionate about,” Shanon Delijani 14′ said.

Some are enthusiastic about summer programs that will be closer to home:

“The program I am doing is California State Summer School for the Arts. It is an intensive month where I will be studying voice and music. The music program at CSSSA explores a variety of genres reflecting the multi- cultural society we live in and there are classes which range from music history to theory and aesthetics. I am most looking foward to gaining knowledge in the technical elements of music making. I am also excited to foster relationships with a diverse group of artists and be inspired by them as well,” Emma Maier 14′ said.

Each summer, many Milken students have religiously attended specific Jewish sleep- away camps they love. Rising seniors look forward to the new positions, programs, and opportunities that come from having attended these camps for years.

“I will be a day camp counselor at Camp Alonim. I’ve spent all my previous years as a camper. Last summer I completed my CIT (counselor in training) summer. This year is a transition year from a camper to a full on staff member, and it is called Gesher, meaning bridge. Kids will come to Alonim during the day and I am their counselor until they leave at 4pm. This gives me an opportunity to be a counselor, but not have too much work for my first summer as staff. After the kids leave, I have programs set up for the rest of my group and me”, Eliot Cremin 13′ said.

Being a camp counselor at a sleep away camp is desirable because it gives students valuable work experience.

“I am most excited to work with all the kids this summer. I am also excited to gain better friendships with all my camp peers and continue my amazing bond with camp Alonim”, Cremin Said.

Faculty members also have interesting and meaningful plans for the summer.

“I am going to London for three weeks for the Olympics. I am going to be traveling up England until I get to Edinburgh and Scotland. There they have a festival of comedy, music, and theatre that goes on for the whole month,” Oliver Savage, English and Speech and Debate instructor, said.

Summer serves a variety of purposes for faculty and students. Some students use the time to relax, and sleep off all the hard work they did over the academic year. Other students choose to attend programs in their field of interest. Whatever students and faculty decide to do, they can’t go wrong!

Featured image by Rachel Kaye