Montreal Exchange recap

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer 

Zoey Lieber ’14, Danielle Gozlan ’13, Candice Shadgoo ’13, Mia Suissa ’15, and buddies

This tiyulim week, four Milken Students visited their Montreal exchange buddies. The four students, Candice Shadgoo ’13, Mia Suissa ’15, Danielle Gozlan ’13, and Zoey Lieber ’14, along with chaperone Mr. Lybroan James, Math Teacher,  toured the city of Montreal.

While on the trip, the students were able to learn about the French-Canadian culture and become close with their buddies. Additionally, the students partook in many activities that the actual residents of Montreal engage in, and they also did lots of shopping in downtown Montreal.

The students were also able to participate in Montreal’s annual Israel rally and got to visit a tiny village called Mount Tremblant.

“We got to see snow and had poutine, a dish that Quebec is famous for”, Shadgoo said.

Shadgoo is very proud of the program, which was her creation. She believes that it was a great success and is already planning for next year.

“The city was gorgeous, the families were welcoming, and it was probably one of the best weeks of my life!”, Shadgoo said.