2011-2012 Milken Top 10: Number 10 – Food Wars

Jake Davidson and Gabe Freeman


When looking for an adjective to describe the 2011-2012 school year, we couldn’t find one to fully capture its epic scope. It was turbulent yet calm, oppressive yet liberating, sad yet happy, and serious yet funny. With this in mind we thought we would celebrate  this crazy year with a countdown. So we compiled a top 10 and a not top 10 list (akin to that of Sportscenter). Each school day we will release one top ten and not top 10 topic from the list. Today we are kicking it off at #10 with food wars.


Topic: Food Wars


10: Chava galvanizes the Milken population 

For many years, Vickis Lunchbox has provided a wide assortment of meals, diving into the world of fine Chinese cuisine with its Orange Chicken while retaining an American backbone with the classic chicken tenders and fries.  Lately, the Milken student population has maligned Vickis Lunchbox as it has failed to satisfy the demanding appetites of Milken students more accustomed to the finer gastronomy of Los Angeles. However on November 5th 2011, Vickis finally got it right. On a day that will go down in the Milken history books, Vickis introduced Chava and the fruit stand to students. With that big grin and a wide array of ripe fruits at his disposal, Chava immediately started attracting lines that rivaled that of Chipotle on a Friday afternoon.  While some discounted the fruit stand as a fad, much like the short-lived breakfast burritos, Chava has firmly established himself on the Milken campus.  With his trademark line, “That will be 5 dollars,” his affable personality, and a penchant for remembering student names, Chava has put the fruit stand on the map.  At this point in time, it is hard to fathom lunchtime without Chava and the fruit stand, much like Los Angeles without the Lakers. In these tumultuous times, it is nice to seek refuge in the juicy fruits that we have become accustomed to during lunchtime.



10: Milken Mart Madness

Since the dawn of Milken dining, the Milken Mart has been a sanctuary for students. Whether it was skipping out on Minyan or taking a break from class, the Milken Mart was the place to kick back with a bagel or an Arizona and relax. However, this year the Milken Mart changed… and this was not change we could believe in. On the first day of school, students were introduced to a new, grim reality: student store cards would be issued in lieu of cash. Riots (for Milken at least) ensued, and the Milken Mart was closed for short periods of time. Later in the year, Milken students were placed on a strict exit and entrance system, risking public humiliation if they failed to adhere to the new stringent policies. Some students said the atmosphere inside the Milken Mart was similar to that of the authoritarian-run governments that they had read about in history books. And as the year closes out, one can only wonder if this Orwellian Milken Mart regime can stand for another year, or if the old glory days of a Ma and Pop run store will return. Will students be forced to disclose their social security numbers in order to purchase a bagel and cream cheese or will we be allowed to use that good old cash, the foundation of American capitalism? While the future of the Milken Mart is uncertain, at least the student body can take solace in the fact that we still have Chava.