Tiyulim Week 2012: Wrap Up

As you read this last update, you should be sitting back and relaxing. Tiyulim Week is four intense days of going out and experiencing the world in a context that just can’t happen in our normal academic schedule.

Your faithful reporter will keep this wrap up short and sweet, then. After all, you might have napping to tackle. Others might have chosen to keep the adventure running. There were tales of the sophomores getting together today in Woodland Hills for

As Tiyulim Week 2012 heads off into the sunset, click here for the last slideshow!

some trampoline action. Still some of you might be back to work.

Our last slideshow features the clay workshop and hiking up at Griffith Park. You’ll also see some beach cleanup and the indomitable Mr. Lieb leading a group of surfers after he experimented with his camera. We have a photo of the physics group on their arrival at Universal Studios and the Mexico Exchange. Also, we have the Rose Rios Project in action.

If you did not see your group here, keep in mind that your Tiyul’s photos can be added to First Class’s Picture Drop.

Thanks for helping The Roar cover this week, everyone!