Tiyulim Week 2012: Day 2

The pictures submitted for the second slideshow remind us that Tiyulim Week is more than just having fun. As the pictures demonstrate, there is a spirit of community that goes beyond Milken.

Mr. Lawrence led his group out to Simi Valley to lend a hand to Habitat for Humanity. The Hiking Tiyul explored Fryman Canyon. Meanwhile, the Business Academy didn’t just ask how far twenty dollars could go in buying items to donate to the Rose Rio Project. They went out and put the idea to the test.

After a trip to PATH and helping out with donations for families in need, the What’s Cooking group headed to Mezze for a meal from alumnus Chef Micah. Mr. Kates and the Green Tiyul discovered that Pasadena has a great shop called 10,000 Villages that sells goods made from recyclables, and a stop by Replanet Recycling Center saw just how profitable being green can be.

Finally, the students in New Orleans armed themselves with drills to build new homes, our Theater group got acting advice firsthand from Chris Diamantopolous and Becki Newton and Remember Us made sure the lessons of the Holocaust would not be forgotten.

Mezze link
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