Spotlight Artist: Danielle Kohanzadeh ’12


Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

Co-spotlight artist Danielle Kohanzadeh ‘12’s bold artwork will be on display in the library throughout the month of March.

Kohanzadeh’s use of color and her rendering of inventive subjects give her a matchless style. Her unique artistic technique reflects her exiting personality, which is clearly represented in her artwork.

“When I was four years old, I decided to cover our living room couch with rainbows and elephants; at that point my mother hated my artistic side. I, however, was proud,” Kohanzadeh said regarding her animated passion for art.

Following years of pursuing art as a mere hobby, Kohanzadeh began to take formal art classes at both Milken and Brentwood Art Center. After initially thinking her talents lay in graphite, Kohanzadeh soon realized that her art was nothing without color. She hopes to consistently use colored pencil in order to create a unified visual theme, evoking intrigue from the viewer.

Tree Dnai

Obtaining inspiration from a whole variety of sources, Kohanzadeh is most inspired by, in the famous words of Julie Andrews, “her favorite things.” Additionally, Kohanzadeh points out that it was her teacher, Peter Walker, who truly pushed her towards where she now stands as an artist.

As an AP art student, Kohanzadeh has spent her senior year arduously creating a portfolio to submit in May. Her concentration, which tweleve of her pieces revolve around, is based on the life cycle. Yet to select a formal name for her theme, Kohanzadeh has already created pieces of pregnancy, birth and mourning.

As creativity is so engrained in her character, Kohanzadeh proclaims, “hopefully I will continue art, or else I’d go insane!”