March Student Q+A Part Two- Ben Walfish ’12

Ben Walfish '12

The Q+A- From this month on until the end of the school year, we’re focusing on the seniors. Therefore, this month we’ll be interviewing only two seniors – no teachers. This month we sat down with senior Ben Walfish.

Conducted by Leigh Jacobson


Common misconception about me: I like turtles.

Most creative gift, given or received: Subway gift card… was my aunt calling me fat?

Movie you’ve seen most: Step Brothers.

Book you’ve read the most: The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

One thing I can’t live without: Oxygen.

What you wanted to be at age 10: 11.

Favorite gadget: Sandwich.

Teacher pet peeve: When they talk.

Procrastination technique: Grey’s Anatomy.

Student hobby: Tea parties with Krimble Shanks.

Favorite thing about being a senior: Doing absolutely no work (not that I’ve done any since freshman year).

Movie star you wish you could take to prom: Oprah.

Topic you love but wouldn’t talk about in a college interview: My weird Superman obsession.

Favorite classes you’ve taken at Milken: Lunch.

Funniest Hebrew word: Queso.

Most memorable learning experience: Jewish Thought with Rabbi Bob.

Favorite Milken Trend: Jeggings.

Most beloved/interesting item in your school bag: My pencil? I don’t usually keep beloved items in a school bag.