Spotlight Athlete: Jonah Feit ’12

Jonah Feit '12
Jonah Feit '12 serves a powerful forehand. Photo by Eli Abrams.

Hailey Katz

Staff Writer 

Jonah Feit ’12, senior captain, has been a leader on Milken’s tennis team since his freshman year. He began as co-Captain in ninth grade, and since then has held the role of captain.

“My main goal is to motivate everyone and make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. I also lead stretches and coach players a bit throughout the match,” Feit said regarding his duties as team captain.

With Feit’s leadership, the tennis team has gone 3-0 so far this season, and is off to a strong start. Feit’s drive and passion for the sport might be what makes him such an effective leader on the court.

Feit has been playing tennis for 12 years.

“When I was five, I started hitting against the wall with my dad, and that’s how it all started for me,” he said.

His infatuation with the sport has yet to die out; he continues to improve his skills daily as he practices with the school team for eight hours a week and an additional 10 hours a week outside of the Milken team. His boundless commitment to the sport is solely guided by the feeling he receives when playing a sport he loves, making every minute worth it.

While Feit plans to enter the field of medicine as a heart surgeon when he’s older, he still hopes to continue his tennis career through college.