The Zucker family: An inside look

From left to right: Allyson '12, Samantha '15 and Rachel '14 Zucker.

Gabe Freeman

Sports Editor 

Three sisters attending high school together would seem like the perfect recipe for a family drama. The Zucker girls, Allyson ’12, Rachel ’14 and Samantha ’15, however, all get along well with the exception of a little friendly competition for good grades. Rachel, a sophomore, explained that she works extra hard in her biology class because a better grade on a test means beating her senior sister who is in the same class.

Despite their competitive biology class, their ability to get along has helped the girls establish themselves as a true model family at Milken.

Allyson, the oldest of the bunch, leads the path for her sisters. Not only is the eldest Zucker a leader at school but she also serves as a leader at home to the additional three Zuckers who attend Mirman. Six kids at home leaves no boring moments, but certainly makes it more difficult for everyone to get their homework done.

“Having five younger siblings is having five best friends for life who will be there for me always and who I will always be there for too. I can’t remember a boring day, and to be completely honest, having any less than five younger siblings wouldn’t be exciting enough,” Allyson said.

In addition to their academic achievements, the girls all play tennis and a mix of water polo, soccer, and swim team.

The Zucker girls are proud that they can share all these memories together in high school because it is rare for three sisters to be in high school together.

“The best part of it is having two extra Milken Mart cards! Honestly though, I feel so lucky to have two people who understand me so completely to turn to and talk to whenever,” Allyson said.