Spring play preview: Scary Whispers, Tiny Bites

Rachel Kaye

Contributing Writer

Scary Whispers, Tiny Bites, the school’s spring play, will run March 20-22 at 7:00 PM and March 25 at 2:00 PM.

The play centers around a cheerful young girl named Owen, who thinks her parents have taken her to Camp Sunshine. It turns out that she ends up somewhere much worse then she ever could have imagined.

Mr. Robert Menna, play director, began writing the play over the summer. Additionally, his Advanced Theatre class came up with some of the ideas in the play. The characters and stories were created by Aaron Goldstein ’12, Barton Richman ’12, Adam Stark ’13, Emma Peretz ’14 and Yoni Steinschriber.

One of the important aspects in preparing the play was the acting.

“This play is a horror comedy, which means that it needs to be scary and that the actors need to be very emotionally connected to what’s happening. And still we need to find really crazy humor throughout; that’s how its written, but it’s a very difficult acting challenge,” Menna said.

Some other important elements of the play include magic tricks, physical comedy and fight scenes, which were put together by a Los Angeles fight choreographer.

Scary Whispers, Tiny Bites will surely terrify, amuse and inspire its viewers.