Spotlight Teacher: Dr. Lichti

Dr. Lichti

Rachel Kaye

Staff Writer

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

I like playing the piano, watching old movies and reading a lot. I also go for runs in Griffith Park and I really enjoy going out to dinner with friends.

What’s your favorite old movie?

It’s an old Betty Davis movie called Now Voyager.

How would you describe where you live?

I live in a Spanish style apartment in an old four-unit building. It’s in a rundown neighborhood, but the people on the street are the friendliest neighbors I’ve ever had… I feel really welcomed there even though I’m different from everyone else who lives on the street. My neighbors look out for me; they don’t worry about the fact that I don’t speak Spanish.

What technology do you have at your house?

I don’t have cable TV or access to the Internet at home. All I have is a radio and my piano.  When I go home I feel kind of protected, like I’ve been able to leave the world behind and can now relax.

Where are some of the different places you’ve lived?

I grew up on a farm in central California. I lived in Germany for four years, Washington DC for six years, Kansas for three years and San Francisco for several years.

What prompted you to live in Germany?

I’ve lived in Germany twice. When I was a junior in college, I studied there. My grandparents came over from Germany. My parents spoke English to us, so I never learned German at home. I was always fascinated with the German language and with German culture so when I was presented with the opportunity, I went and started to learn the language.

The second time I lived in Germany was when I was working for an organization called Action Reconciliation. The organization, which was founded by the Protestant Church, aims to make the history of the Nazi period better taught among German youth mainly because it wasn’t being properly taught in German public schools.

What made you want to become a teacher?

I like learning things so I found myself going back to school and getting a Ph.D in history. I found that the best way to make a living was by teaching. I realized that I like teaching high school students better than college students, and that high school students are more stimulating to be around.

I know from experience that you are a great singer! When did you start singing?

At the church I grew up in, all the children were expected to be in a choir by age six.

What type of music do you like to play on the piano?

I used to only play classical, but after accompanying Mrs. Roden, I found that I enjoy playing other types of music. Now I am starting to play more jazz.