Spotlight Artist: Adina Rosenberg ’12

Adina Rosenberg '12 art 1

Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

Inspired by a life of constant immersion in art, Adina Rosenberg ’12 aims to bring herself to the level of creativity that has been so pivotal in her upbringing.

“My mom is an artist so I have grown up in a house of art and creativity with walls full of her beautiful paintings, which have inspired me to create as well,” Rosenberg said.

A former AP art student, Rosenberg continues to produce innovative artwork, even though she is not enrolled in any formal art class at Milken. Through her years of exploring the realm of art, both in and out of school, Rosenberg has discovered a penchant for scratchboard.

“Being the perfectionist that I am, scratchboard really tested me. It was really difficult to not have the ability to erase, but I found myself enjoying it more than anything else.”

Adina Rosenberg '12 art 2

Showing potential interests in creative fields such as art therapy, Rosenberg hopes to keep art as a principal aspect of her life. Although art may not be her main profession, it will always serve as an expressive outlet.