Spotlight Artist: Yael Glouberman ’12

Yael Glouberman art 1

Ivy Schneider

Staff Writer

“I remember being in ninth grade and looking at the work in the library. I couldn’t wait until I could get the chance to display my work,” Yael Glouberman ’12, February spotlight artist, said.

Glouberman has carried out a passionate art path at Milken since the beginning of her high school career. Starting in ninth grade, Glouberman took Drawing I and II, moved on to Fine Arts Studio in tenth grade and finally settled in AP Art in both eleventh and twelfth grade.

After spending her first semester in eleventh grade experimenting with different subjects and mediums, Glouberman decided to pursue her interest in drawing babies. As an AP Art student, Glouberman has been working on producing 12 concentration pieces, each of which focuses on her central theme of babies.

“I really love working with pen. There’s so much permanence with every single line you draw, and you don’t get to worry about going back and fixing what you’ve done – because you can’t. The medium also allows me to work quickly, and to produce more pieces,” Glouberman said.

Yael Glouberman art 2

In addition to her penchant for ink, Glouberman also loves layering and blending colors, bringing her image to life.

Glouberman is inspired by the artist Norman Rockwell and his vast imagination.

“I think that his work is really creative, and he’s able to render images so well. I wish I could capture something that perfectly,” she said.

Glouberman’s creativity and vast imagination has not only led her to succeed at Milken, but will surely guide her to great things as she grows older.

Yael Glouberman art 3