Milken voices: Studies show that senior efforts have doubled in second semester


Leigh Jacobson


Based on research recently published by the administration, studies indicate that the senior Class of 2012 has intensified its academic efforts in the past semester. According to the report, 99.999998% of second semester seniors are scoring higher on all of their exams. The report also indicates that class attendance is at an all-time high. What do you think?

Mr. McAdamis headshot


“My mind is blown. Where was this fanatic dedication and work ethic before students needed the grades to get into their top schools?”
-Mr. Christopher McAdamis, English teacher



Mr. Lindsay headshot


“It’s incredible how none of my senior students are ever thirty minutes late to class first period because of Starbucks!”
-Mr. Beau Lindsay, Latin teacher



Aaron Nussbaum '12 headshot


“I study hard.”
-Aaron Nussbaum ’12