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Jacob Pollack

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Rated R for violence, bloody images, and pervasive language.

Paid to protect oil workers from natural dangers and wolves in Alaska, The Grey follows John Ottoway (Liam Neeson) and six other stranded men after their plane crashes in Alaska. Ottoway leads the group of survivors through an Alaskan forest as they attempt to fight off packs of wolves and cope with extreme weather conditions in the heart of a brutal snowstorm.

Following his last day on the job, Ottoway and the team board a plane home. But it cannot fight though the howling winds and fierce weather of an Alaskan winter. The plane goes down amidst intense turbulence in, well, the middle of nowhere. For uneasy fliers, I recommend closing your eyes during this scene, or bury your head in your box of popcorn, or slurp your soda extra loud to block out the sounds of the turbulence. If you don’t have popcorn or soda at the theater, then, well, you’re on your own. Or watch it go down, it really only lasts three minutes.


The seven men realize that they need to settle their differences and fight for their survival if they have a chance of surviving, considering that their airplane crashed in the range of a den of wolves. Ottoway’s knowledge of wilderness survival seems to be the only chance that the men have at survival; however, the stalking wolves hunt down the survivors at every opportunity that they have. Not a scene passes without a wolf attack. In fact, just when there is a break in the action, the suspense of the wolf coming out of nowhere will appear more scary than the attack itself.

The cinematography and the overall filming of the movie outweigh the absence of a dynamic plot — not to mention that the acting of Liam Neeson was stellar and much like his acting in the 2010 film, The A-Team. I had high expectations for this film, considering that the plot, acting and casting seemed appealing. Yet when it came time to throw away my half-eaten popcorn and empty soda cup, The Grey left me entertained but slightly disappointed by the lack of a sophisticated plot.

Overall Grade: B-

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