Kol Echad starts new Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir
The Chamber Choir members, pictured above.

Ivy Schneider

Staff Writer

A new addition to Milken has arrived, the Kol Echad Chamber Choir, or as they like to call themselves, the “Pluralistic Communitones.” Mr. Kelly Shepard, Department Chair of the Performing Arts, created the group when some students within Kol Echad said they wanted a more challenging curriculum.

“Each student had to audition for the group. I took the best qualified of those who auditioned. The skills of blending, part-singing and sight-reading were major factors in determining who got in. Those who weren’t invited are invited to keep practicing and audition again each semester,” Shepard said.

Members of the Communitones are very pleased with the opportunities it is giving them.

“Singing is my passion. Chamber Choir allows me to shine,” Ariel Bina ’15 said.

The “Pluralistic Communitones” performed at a recent town meeting and sang at the BJE Gala Dinner. Though Shepard runs the class, he mostly has the Communitones rehearse by themselves while he works with Kol Echad.

The group has many more exciting performances to come.