Tumblr addiction

Leeat Elkayam

Staff Writer

Just like drugs are addicting, so is the internet. The ability to “surf the web” takes this generation of kids to another level. Here at Milken, our students are online throughout the day. When most students go online, they usually go on Facebook, check their email, play online video games and explore Tumblr.

Tumblr is a micro-blogging website that lets you post and re-blog photos, videos, quotes and audio. Re-blogging photos lets you take a photo or video from someone’s blog and put it on your blog. It also helps you effortlessly express your interests through text, photos, videos and music.

The Milken student body goes on Tumblr for a variety of reasons.

Talia Reisbord ’15 is engrossed by Tumblr.

“It’s my boredom website,” she said.

To some people, it might be an inspiration of what they might like to photograph or wear, or try to do on a daily basis, like eatingFor others, it is just a place to go to procrastinate.

“I waste my time and look at pictures and re-blog stuff,” Shelby Peris ’15 said.

“It’s a website that I can do almost anything. I probably spend too much time on it, but I don’t really care,” Elizabeth Heyman ’12, who finds herself on Tumblr every day, said.

For me, Tumblr is a website that I go to when I decide to zone out of class and just post everything I like. I re-blog other people’s photos onto my blog to make my blog more appealing to others. I constantly see people on Tumblr and not paying attention in class. Although I think that Tumblr is a distraction, I still enjoy going on the website.

Featured image courtesy of tumblr.com.