Milken statistics – part two

Jacob Pollack and Zachary Brenner

Staff Writers

As some may remember, The Roar posted an article last year presenting the percentage of gingers in the school, how many students participate in after-school athletics, and how far the typical Milken student walks per day. We now follow up on these Milken statistics, but with a twist: With a focus on teachers.

After doing some elaborate research, we have come to discover that 96 adults facilitate Milken’s classrooms. And, to our surprise, the Jewish Studies department takes home 14% of Milken’s teachers, a new record. And, not to our surprise, Ms. Monteleone’s Health department makes for a whopping 1% of Milken’s teaching authorities. Tied for that last place position is Dr. Steinberg and his music department.

Additionally, an honorable mention for second place is in order: A three way tie for 13% of Milken’s educators come from the English, history and science departments. Take a peek at the graph, pictured below, for the remaining percentages of Milken teachers by department.

Milken statistics graph

We recently sat down with Mr. Oliver Savage, debate coach and English teacher (who makes up 9% of that department). How coincidental that a topic of conversation was the ownership of his scarves that are so familiar to us.

If one is in a class taught by Mr. Savage, it can be said that it is interesting to notice what scarf he wears when he comes into the classroom. Is it the blue one? Will it have stripes, perhaps?

According to Mr. Savage, he owns at least nine scarves. When asked if he has a favorite one, he admitted that the one he liked the most was made by a high class scarf designer from somewhere in the United Kingdom. However, Mr. Savage left it behind on a Subway train in New York.

“I am convinced it was picked up by some poor old man,” Savage said. “By finding it, he was able to stay warm for the winter and support his family. I would go insane from grief if I thought otherwise.”

Savage remembers losing the scarf in the Big Apple six years ago.

Additional staff could not be reached for further comments.