Milken teachers utilize alternative transportation to commute

Dr. Lichti and his Smart Car
Dr. James Lichti proudly standing in front of his Smart Car, which he drives to school every day. Photo by Rachel Kaye.

Rachel Kaye

Staff Writer

One would expect, like most fellow Angelenos, that Milken teachers commute around Los Angeles by car. But this is not necessarily the case. Several teachers utilize alternative, unique forms of transportation.

Take Dr. James Lichti, social science teacher, for example. For three years he rode a motor scooter, with occasional rides on the public buses; now he currently drives a Smart Car.

Riding a motor scooter, for Lichti, had many benefits. Not only is it environmentally friendly and cost effective, but it also connects him to the Los Angeles community.

“People talked to me more when I was riding the scooter; they asked me how I liked it,” Lichti said.

When riding the scooter, Lichti had to find new routes to take because he could not take the freeway. In doing so, he discovered new parts of Los Angeles he would have never known before.

“There was a lot of relaxation and contemplation when driving the scooter around. I really loved being outside,” Lichti said.

By occasionally traveling on the public bus as well, he got a sense of who lives in Los Angeles. He interacted with more people, something one cannot do in the isolation of a car.

Like Lichti, Dr. Roger Fuller, upper school principal, experiments with new forms of transportation. Recently, he began taking the Milken school bus to get to work.

Fuller started riding the school bus when he asked himself what it would be like to not have a car for two weeks. He believes that riding the school bus is more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. The five dollars a day it costs to ride the bus ends up saving Fuller 50 dollars a week.

Fuller also likes the fact that he does not have to battle traffic on his way home.

“There is no frustration while driving. For me, it is one of the best ways to live in the world,” Fuller said.