Clippers dominate Milken

Sam Kaplan

Staff Writer

In the past, Milken students ignored the Los Angeles Clippers. However, as they emerged this season as one of the hottest teams in the NBA, their popularity has risen. Now many Milken students have forgotten about Kobe Bryant and the purple and gold and are rather sporting Chris Paul and Blake Griffin t-shirts around campus.

“I’m jumping on the Clipper bandwagon,” Mitchell Mayer ’13 said.

With the Lakers struggling to score, and the Clippers ruling over “Lob City,” the culture at Milken is changing. Many Milken students prefer to watch Clipper games now, as Blake Griffin’s monstrous dunks (like the one over Kendrick Perkins) are unreal. However, there are those who still hold belief that the Lakers will get back to their championship ways.

“I’m still a die hard Lakers fan, and that will never change,” Zachary Miller ’13 said.

When asking big-time Laker fan Nicky Shemian ’13, she responded with two words: “It’s obvious.”

So far this season the teams have met twice, with the Clippers winning the first game by a score of 102-94. Although Kobe Bryant scored 42 points, it was Chris Paul (33 points and six assists) and Blake Griffin (22 points and 14 rebounds) who led the Clippers to victory. The second meeting, however, was very different, with the Lakers prevailing 96-91. In a game that had six technical fouls and highlighted Metta World Peace’s scuffle with Blake Griffin, an ongoing rivalry appears to be looming.

The two teams will meet again on April 4, and it should not disappoint.  The real question is what will happen at Milken with these two teams: Lakers or Clippers? Feel free to comment with your thoughts.


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