Wildcats fall short against Pacifica

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer

“He was in the air for so long he could’ve watched Benjamin Button,” broadcaster Joel Seligman ’14 said after JJ Friedman ’12 dunked the ball against Pacifica Christian, the Wildcats’ biggest rival this season. Friedman led the Wildcats with 28 points in what was likely his last home game for the Wildcats, but the team still fell short in a closely contested game.

As the Wildcats lead slipped away, Pacifica gained a 13-point advantage with only a few minutes to go in the final quarter. The Wildcats mounted an incredible comeback and pulled within two on a three pointer by Ariel Isaacson ’13. Just 12 seconds later, he had another chance to win the game, but the final buzzer sounded with a final score of 64-62.

With a packed house in Hollander Gymnasium, the fans were thrilled by the close game and were just about ready to erupt had the shot gone in.

For Max Berman ’12 and Friedman, this game was emotional, as it was the end to their remarkable Wildcat careers.

“It’s hard, [I’ve] been playing here for a long time, and it was always lots of fun,” Friedman said. “It was such an experience [for me], and it was hard to lose a game that I really cared about.”